Orphans' Trust

The Orphans' Trust was started around thirty years ago, to give expression to the charitable inclinations of the members of the Catholic Club. Additionally it was felt that the Club also had, as per it's constitution, a responsibility towards the weaker section of society.

When it started, the activities were centered round the Christmas programme, when a committee that was set up to animate the Trust, organized a Christmas get together for the inmates of about four or five orphanages in the city totaling around 500. The cost of around 3Lakhs was usually assembled from contributions of members and their friends.

The funds go to finance the food and Christmas gifts that are distributed to every child that attends. Importantly, these kids get the same sort of treatment our own kids get when they come for their Christmas tree later in the month.

In recent years, the scope of these activities has now been broadened, to include, regular medical check-ups both in our premises, and theirs. Also, the sponsorship of tuitions for the bigger ones in the senior classes has gone a long way in helping them do better in their Board exams. As the member participation grows, so will the activities broaden.

Participation in this Trust is open to all members of the CC both by way of contribution as well as volunteering service.

Please take this as an open invitation to you. Come forward and make this an active, vibrant outfit, that makes a difference in the community.

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